Giveaway: Win 2 Tickets to Beerlesque II at Roundhouse Community Centre

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Previously, we announced that Beerlesque is back at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre on Friday, September 21.  Read the full post with the event details here.

An Adult Carnival for the Senses, A Roundhouse Fundraiser

“Beerlesque is a feast for the eyes and the palate; a carnival for the senses. Guests will have ample opportunity to sample some of BC’s best craft beer – from more than 15 different craft breweries – while delighting in bold and sassy performances by some of Vancouver’s most talented (and gorgeous) burlesque dancers, including Burgundy Brixx, Melody Mangler, Nicky Ninedoors, Jenny Magenta, Rebel Valentine and Diamond Minx.”

Giveaway: Win 2 Tickets to Beerlesque II from Vancouver Food Tour | Taste Vancouver BC's Best Restaurants on Guided Walking Culinary Tours

Giveaway: Win 2 Tickets to Beerlesque II from Vancouver Food Tour

Beerlesque II

Friday, September 21
6pm – 11pm
The Roundhouse Exhibition Hall

Tickets: $55 Adults (19+) (inclusive of all entertainment and beer)
Online: Eventbrite

In-person pick-up: Roundhouse Front Desk – 181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific)

More information is available online at or by phone 604.713.1800.


Want to win a pair of tickets to Beerlesque II?

Update: The winner is @michiec87 on twitter.  Congratulations and enjoy Beerlesque!

Here are 3 simple ways to enter :

Each method counts as a separate entry. The winner will be drawn and announced on August 29th.  Best of luck!

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  1. Matt

    Currently (as it changes all the time), my favourite craft beer is Parallel 49 Seedspitter Watermelon Wit. It goes perfectly with this great weather we’ve been having!

  2. BruiseViolet

    I’ve tried the Parallel Seedspitter Watermelon Wit too! But haven’t tried enough to pick a fave…yet! Let me report back to you AFTER i try what’s being offered;)

  3. James Karg

    I really love the okanagan springs brewmaster black beer or porter. I am also on board with the seedspitter it’s amazing

  4. Jsawaf

    Whistler Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale!!!!! mmmmmmmm

  5. valerie

    Fave craft beer is Phillips Blue Buck!

  6. Raleighsprite

    Whistler grapefruit ale. Refreshing on hot summer days

  7. Megan Harris

    Central City Red Racer IPA!

  8. Susan Roberts Rowan

    Red Racer Raspberry Wheat Ale, yum!

  9. @nelliebobellie

    Whistler Brewing Chestnut Ale :)

  10. Ei-Leen Ong

    Yaletown Brewing’s Downtown Brown

  11. don foran

    Stanley Park Amber Ale. I bought a few limited edition wooden crates which I still use to store my record collection.

  12. cris

    Mickey’s just for the riddles under the caps. and wheat ales are perfect for the hot summer weather.

  13. Adrian

    Gouden Carolus Classic!

  14. Hilaryipes

    Howe Sound Megadestoyer!

  15. maria pat'rson

    I second the Red Racer Raspberry Wheat Ale!

  16. OceanScented

    Okanagan Springs 1516!

  17. Matt Walters

    Central City Imperial IPA is my current fave. Or Phillips Pandamonium. I CAN’T DECIDE AUGHAUGHAUGH

  18. Alex

    Red Racer ESB

  19. Isabel

    Deschutes Extinction Stout!!

  20. Jane

    red racer raspberry wheat ale

  21. Leo Hsiao

    Dogfish Head 90 min IPA

  22. dee

    Back hand of god

  23. Bierblogger

    Pandamonium by Phillips Brewery.. Such a blast!

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