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While we consider our food tour a great way to explore Vancouver’s restaurant scene, there are plenty of food lovers, experts, and enthusiasts among us. Every Friday, we will feature one of Vancouver’s best food bloggers that has notable taste in food, drink, and culture.

Today’s feature: Teresa Lee of

Teresa Lee Best Food Bloggers in Vancouver | Vancouver Food Tour, Taste Vancouver BC's Best Restaurants on Guided Walking Culinary Tours

Teresa tweeting her meal to the world, naturally

In her own words: I don’t take myself too seriously and I think my blog reflects that.  My simple site is candid, open, tongue in cheek, cheesy and full of grammatical errors.  I know what I like and what I don’t like in terms of food and restaurant service quality so I do try my best to provide an unbiased opinion.  At the same time, I think my website conveys my passion for food and my enjoyment in sharing those culinary experiences with friends.  I’m also very humbled by the opportunities and new friends I’ve made since I started Senses Inspired.

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5 Questions for Teresa:


If you could encapsulate Vancouver in 1 restaurant dish, what would it be?

Ok this is what I mean by being cheesy.  I wanted to go with a fusion dish to represent Vancouver’s multiculturalism but then decided on a dish that’s closer to home: congee.  I’m a true born and raised Vancouverite.  Growing up in this beautiful city, my childhood memories consist of enjoying a hot bowl of congee for breakfast or eating it to sooth my aching body when I was sick.  You can easily grab a cheap bowl to your cure hangover at Congee Noodle House or try it hot pot style at Fortune Hot Pot on Cambie.  Even though I’ve had it for many years, I’m never tired of welcoming a bowl of piping hot comfort.  Vancouver is like that for me.  No matter how long I’ve lived here, I’m never tired of this wonderful multifaceted city.


What BC food or drink product can you not live without?

Seafood.  We have access to such a great variety of seafood and at a decent price: from fresh sashimi and sushi to spring time spot prawns to aphrodisiac oysters to crazy Alaskan King Crab dinners at Kirin.


If you could change 1 thing about Vancouver’s food scene, what would it be?

First, I think we need to have more Thai and Latino based cuisine.  We do have a handful of good restaurants  that do a good job in executing those cuisines.  Because we lack certain ingredients, Vancouverites haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy authentic Thai or Latin food unless they’ve traveled to those countries.

Also, the limelight of Vancouver’s food scene has been mostly focused on restaurants in downtown and Richmond (for the Chinese food).  We shouldn’t forget that in the nooks and crannies of Vancouver East and West, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and others that there are plenty of great restaurants.


If you had $5 in your pocket, where would you grab lunch in Vancouver?

I should write a blog on this.  Working and living in Yaletown, I’ve been able to get a good lunch for $5 with change (it also helps I have a small appetitie..for real!).

  • half order of the zucchini or eggplant schnitzel sandwich from Euro Pastry House on Mainland Street
  • 1 chicken tostadas from Salsa and Agave
  • 1 Vietnamese chicken or shrimp salad roll (from anywhere that serves it)
  • 1 Banh Mi sandwich (Au Petit, Tung Hing or Ba Le)

What would be your last meal before a zombie apocalypse?

Either I would splurge at West, Hawksworth or L’Abattoir, or grab the Kingyo lunch bento box



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