Our guides are industry professionals, never actors

We’re the real deal.

Technically speaking, anyone could lead a food tour we believe that our guests deserve the very best.  We take pride in being hospitality professionals, each contributing a unique expertise to the industry.  Food is our only game so you’ll never catch us guiding a whale watching tour.

Food, wine, craft beer experts on Vancouver Food Tour

Our team of food, wine, craft beer, and cocktail experts will show you a delicious side of Vancouver.

On your tour, your guide may be a self-confessed beer nerd, a wine connoisseur, or even a food writer.  No matter what they specialize in, their passion for Vancouver’s local, seasonal, and sustainable food is unparalleled.  Despite our obsession for food and drinks, we will always present it in the most genuine and entertaining way.

Hiring actors as guides to read from a script?  Not a chance!

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