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Where to Eat in Vancouver: Quick Meal at Globe in the International Airport’s Fairmont Before Catching A Flight

Posted by on Jul 26, 2011 in News, Restaurant Recommendations | 0 comments

If you’re anything like me, the thought of choking down a lukewarm, over priced fast-food meal at the airport makes you cringe.  But sometimes, you just need to grab a bite before your flight. It’s at least better than a slimy turkey wrap on the plane, right? Fortunately, the Fairmont Hotel at the YVR airport understands that need.  The Globe @YVR serves up fresh, local BC specialties and prepares each dish with care.  From tending their own herb garden to harvesting their own...

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Things to do in Vancouver: Steveston Food Tour Giveaway – Experience Richmond’s Flourishing Culinary Scene

Posted by on Mar 9, 2011 in News | 20 comments

Steveston is the next Gastown, culinarily speaking. Gastown stole the spotlight in the last few years as a number of new dining and cocktail establishments emerged to resuscitated the historical neighbourhood. Gassy Jack would be proud of how Gastown is being polished back to its original luster. Now, the time has come to shift our focus to a lesser-known neighborhood that’s also thriving at great speeds. I’m point at Steveston Village in Richmond, BC to be exact. Wine...

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Where to Eat in Vancouver: Tapenade Bistro Hosted Delightful Road 13 Wine Dinner in Steveston

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There are ok days, good days, and fantastic days. Then there’s wine, local wine, and Road 13 wines. On the edge of Steveston’s fisherman’s wharf stands a Mediterranean bistro that incorporates local ingredients into its innovative menu. Chef Alex Tung of Tapenade graciously invited me to attend their wine dinner and made my average day fantastic. “I read that you love Road 13 wine…” Chef writes. uh huh!! nod nod nod. Road 13 from Oliver B.C. is amongst my...

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