Things to do in Vancouver: NEW Food Tours Announced on TV Interview, Urban Rush

Posted by on Jul 24, 2010 in News | 2 comments

Thanks to your support, Vancouver Food Tour is expanding! I will add 3 exciting new tours in August:

  • Craft Cocktail Tour in collaboration with Jay Jones
  • Modern-Chic Chinatown Tour
  • Yaletown Cosmopolitan Tour

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In the meantime, watch me discuss my new tours and make refreshing Aguas Frescas with Michael and Fiona on Urban Rush!

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  1. Teresa

    OMG..went on a date with a guy who lives in Yaletown who doesn’t go to Gastown because it’s “too far”. When I said he could easily take the Canada Line down, he gave me the ‘yeah right, you gotta be kidding me” look.

  2. Melody Fury

    Eww I hope you never saw him again ;)

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