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Happy Food Truck Tuesday! Well, it’s actually Wednesday.  Our Summer season has been super busy and it’s simply too nice outside to stay in the office.

Vancouver’s food cart and truck scene has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.  Every week, we’ll take you on a virtual tour to one of Vancouver’s most popular mobile eateries.  Get to know the heroes behind the food that battle the weather, lunch line ups. and your hunger.

Owners of RimFoodBaht | Vancouver Food Cart and Truck Tour: Vancouver Food Tour, Taste Vancouver BC's Best Restaurants on Guided Walking Culinary Tours

The passionate wwners of RimFoodBaht, Vorrayut Jiranuntiporn and Wasinee Tantiveerabut. [Photo provided by Rimfoodbaht]


Thai Street Food – Hamilton St & Robson St (in front of CBC)

In Vorrayut Jiranuntiporn’s own words: We both came from Bangkok , Thailand  last year. My girlfriend (Wasinee) studied  3D character animation. For me, I have worked as a chef at The Flying Tiger.

In Bangkok street food is very popular. There are tons of street food vendors everywhere (almost every block of the street in Bangkok).

Moreover than that some of them in Downtown area open until 3 am. Some of them open at 5am. It’s easy to find street eat.
We saw some food truck in downtown on last year. But we didn’t see Thai food truck.

At that time, we got an idea that why don’t we bring our Thai street food style here? In a multicultural city like Vancouver.

“Rimfoodbaht” is Thai word is called for “street food”. We love to share our experience here.  So our truck serves authentic Thai food in street style. “Cook at street , Eat at street”. We try to bring the popular dishes in street of Thailand to this city. And our goal is make Thai food well known.

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RimFoodBaht | Vancouver Food Cart and Truck Tour: Vancouver Food Tour, Taste Vancouver BC's Best Restaurants on Guided Walking Culinary Tours

RimFoodBahtht hitting the streets [Photo provided by Rimfoodbaht]

Below are 5 quick questions that we asked Vorrayut and Wasinee


What “hole” do you fill in Vancouver’s food scene?

Street food is very popular in Thailand. We’re proud to bring it to Vancouver. This is “Thai street food”.

What’s the most popular combination that people order at your food cart?

We love to present new Thai dish but it’s very common in my country. So we keep changing our menu.  We’re always excited by customer’s feed back. Right now our green curry is the most popular.

If you could change 1 by-law to help your business, what would you change?

The vendor can provide the seat along the street for dining. It’s gonna be exact the same style of Thai Street Food!!

Where do you like to unwind after a long day (in Vancouver)?

Looking forward to skiing in winter time again. Because there’s no snow in Thailand.

What would be your last meal before a zombie apocalypse?

“Sua Long Hai” or “Tiger Cry” It is marinated grill beef serve with “Jaew” sauce (flake chili, lime, roasted rice). This dish is from NE Thailand but it is very popular in every part of Thailand. I can eat it in every day too.


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