Vancouver Food Cart and Truck Tour: Num Num Food Cart

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Happy Food Truck Tuesday!  Vancouver’s food cart and truck scene has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.  Every week, we’ll take you on a virtual tour to one of Vancouver’s most popular mobile eateries.  Get to know the heroes behind the food that battle the weather, lunch line ups. and your hunger.

Num Num Food Cart

Mobile Vietnamese Cuisine – Granville Street and W 10th Avenue


Num Num Food Cart – check out the nummy club!

In Lina Dang’s own words: Num Num Mobile Vietnamese Cuisine Inc. (aka num num) serves fast, fresh fusion Vietnamese food for those on the go! Notorious for our ginormous supersized salad rolls, we are located on W 10th and Granville, Monday-Friday and could be found any where in the Lower Mainland doing special events on the weekends. What makes us really unique and awesome is my team of friendly staff :)

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Some delicious menu options from Num Num


Below are 5 quick questions that we asked Lina


What “hole” do you fill in Vancouver’s food scene?

We are Vancouver’s only Vietnamese food cart that sells a variety of menu items that include sandwiches, rice, salad rolls, tortilla wraps, curry and PHO! (our beef noodle soup will be offered again this fall starting Sept. 10, 2012)


What’s the most popular combination that people order at your food cart?

The most popular combination that people order at our cart is our ultra rice bowl with a fried egg with our sweet chili vinaigrette to finish. And those with a bigger appetite will also purchase our mini-sized salad roll to go too!


If you could change 1 by-law to help your business, what would you change?

Oh boy. If we could change anything regarding food vending around here, it should be to revamp and revise the existing bylaws! We feel like the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented, i.e. the city should look at existing food cart business models in big cities like LA, Portland, NYC, etc. and implement rules that can improve the program and support and help new food cart businesses grow.


Where do you like to unwind after a long day (in Vancouver)?

Unwinding time happens at be a gym playing volleyball or working out!


What would be your last meal before a zombie apocalypse?

My last meal before a zombie apocalypse…gosh, so hard to decide on just one dish!…Has got to be a spicy tuna tartare!


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