Things to do in Vancouver: Granville Island Brewing Celebrates Limited Release Scottish Ale

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Whether you have Scottish blood in the your veins, love the look of tartan kilts or simply enjoy a delicious Scottish ale, there is one day a year where all these things are celebrated while reciting poetry and “indulging” in traditional haggis. It’s Robbie Burns Day, of course. Last Friday, Vancouver Food Tour, too, celebrated Robbie Burns Day in style by checking out Granville Island Brewing‘s Limited Release Scottish Ale launch.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Robert Burns (also known as Robbie Burns or Rabbie Burns) was a world-renowned Scottish poet and lyricist. Each year on the day of his birth (January 25th), people from around the world – of Scottish descent or not – celebrate his life in poetry. With a traditional bagpiper, “madlib” poetry, Scottish fare, and of course the newly released Scottish Ale, Granville Island Brewing spared no detail and put on an event that Robbie Burns himself would have been proud to attend.

Congratulations on the launch of another unique beer, GIB!


Granville Island Brewing’s Limited Release Scottish Ale


Traditional Scottish bagpiper lead in the new ale


Traditional haggis: sheep’s heart, liver, lungs and stomach, onion, oatmeal and suet spices


Glad there was a delicious Scottish ale to wash down the haggis


Granville Island’s brews, proudly on tap

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