3 Reasons Why We Host the Best Corporate Events and Company Parties

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Company parties can be oh-so predictable.  We’re here to change that.

If you’re looking for a unique activity or dining option for your next company party or corporate event in Vancouver, you’re looking in the right place.  Apart from the fact that we are highly experienced, our dining excursions are designed and hosted by culinary experts and hospitality professionals.  What’s more, we love thinking outside the box.

Why Vancouver Food Tour Hosts the Best Corporate Events and Company Parties

Below are 3 top reasons why Vancouver Food Tour will blow your next event or party out of the water.  It’s time to switch things up from the same ol’ cocktail parties, dinner, or *gasp* disco bowling.

Our progressive dinner at multiple venues is ideal for mingling and networking

Instead of sitting next to the same folks all night, guests can switch seats at each venue so they can chat with a new group each time.  Dining at multiple venues facilitate networking and bonding opportunities, which is what the office has been longing for.  (Getting to taste dishes from several restaurants in a night is a definite plus too!)

As the evening goes on, the conversations typically get louder, rowdier, and sometimes even NSFW.  Just make sure your boss has a good sense of humour first.

Why Vancouver Food Tour Hosts the Best Corporate Events and Company Parties

We take the planning and execution off your hands so you can enjoy too

We all love to party but nobody enjoys planning it.  The worse part is the dreaded cleaning up.  That’s where we come in.

In one evening, our talented culinary guides will entertain, host, and engage your group into a memorable and delectable experience.  We work closely alongside our restaurant partners to ensure that your party gets the best seats in the house and are served in an attentive and timely fashion.  We make sure your glasses are filled and that everyone is having a fantastic time.

We are flexible and will work within your ideas, expectations, and budget

Specific budget?  Check!

Dietary restrictions?  Check!

Special requests?  Double check!

Think of us as your culinary concierges that will tailor your event or party to your desires.  Shoot us your ideas and let us come up with something right up your alley.   Say, half of your company loves beer while 1/3 doesn’t eat meat, 3 people are lactose intolerant, and the boss has shellfish allergies – have no fear!  We’re already on it.

Book with us now

Vancouver Food Tour is now currently accepting reservations for holiday and Christmas corporate events and company parties (seriously!)  Of course, we also host events throughout the year so do give us a shout as soon as you are tinkering with an idea.

The best way to get in touch is to fill out this form or emailing us at info [at] VancouverFoodTour.com.  We look forward to meeting you all.

Melody Fury is the founder of Vancouver Food Tour. She is an award winning entrepreneur and food writer that specializes in Vancouver restaurants and cocktails.

Connect with her on Twitter @VanFoodTour or on Facebook to see more.

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