Things to do in Vancouver: Bitters Seminar with The Modern Bartender

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You see it on bar lists all the time and chances are they’re in your favourite cocktails, but what exactly are bitters?  Many bitters were originally sold as medicinal cure for various ailments.  The concentrated flavour stimulants were also considered a necessity in the early days of mixology.  Today, a dash or two of classic and modern bitters can revive an otherwise ordinary drink.

On February 20th, The Modern Bartender is hosting an ideal opportunity to explore the world of bitters.  This “Bitters” event includes sampling of various bitters and related cocktails. If that isn’t reason enough to attend, consider the special presentation by local bitters experts and creators of  the artisanal “Bittered Sling“, Lauren Mote and Joanathan Chovancek. Check out all their current creations here.


Photo courtesy of The Modern Bartender

Event details, from press release:

Wednesday, February 20th


“Bitters” 7:30pm to 9pm


Yes, we will finally be doing the one evening so many have asked for. Quite simply, want to know what bitters are? Want to know how to use them? Some history on why the Angostura label doesn’t fit? We can help!


Includes sampling of various bitters and related cocktails, and a special presentation by Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek from Bittered Sling.


$20-25 seats will be available for this evening


Call in to get your tickets, you can pay by phone or e-mail or even just walk into the store:


The Modern Bartender
28 East Pender
604 – 684-1747


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