Things to do in Vancouver: Celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival at The Urban Tea Merchant

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Delicate cherry blossoms are appearing all around Vancouver to announce the arrival of Spring. Celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival with all of your senses at The Urban Tea Merchant’s Sakura Afternoon Tea series.

The Urban Tea Merchant is pleased to work with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival to raise funds for planting even more Cherry Blossom trees around our beautiful city. They will donate $1.50 from every Sakura Afternoon Tea sold in the months of March and April to this very worthwhile community legacy.

Enter to win a complimentary Sakura Afternoon Tea Service for two below. Ends on Friday, March 25th.

Vancouver Food Tour Giveaway to Urban Tea Merchant Afternoon Tea

In addition, The Urban Tea Merchant makes effort to support the relief efforts in Japan.  “Several of our Japanese customers and staff have been deeply affected with the disaster in Japan. The Urban Tea Merchant want to provide hope in the wake of a disaster. As part of the relief efforts, we will be donating $1.50 for every full priced Signature Afternoon Tea service from March 11 – April 15 to Kesennuma city which is in the Miyagi prefecture (province) where one of our staff member’s family has been directly effected.”

Treat yourself to their limited time Sakura Afternoon Tea or their Signature Afternoon Tea service to support these great causes.  Here is a peek of what to expect.

Vancouver Food Tour Giveaway to Urban Tea Merchant Afternoon Tea

Indulge your senses in an array of aromatic teas, tiers of dainty pastries, finger sandwiches, and sweets. These tea experts are dedicated to fine teas and use them generously to flavour the food. Their white tea sorbet and champagne infused tea are delightful palate ticklers before the tea menu arrives.

Vancouver Food Tour Giveaway to Urban Tea Merchant Afternoon Tea

The tea-infused eggs in the egg salad sandwiches was a highlight. Tea leaves also lend a subtle smokiness to the chicken salad that were served in mini green tea cones. After nibbling on savory quiches, cheeses, and fluffy scones, the experience was wrapped up with an offering of French macarons and fine chocolates.

Vancouver Food Tour Giveaway to Urban Tea Merchant Afternoon Tea

Sakura Festival Events at The Urban Tea Merchant

Every Saturday from 2:00 – 4:00 pm between now and April 2 we present you special performances at our Salon de Thé to celebrate the welcoming of spring.

Vancouver – Alberni Street

March 12: Japanese Flutist
March 19: Harpist
March 26: Japanese Cherry Blossom Dancers

The Village at Park Royal

March 12: Japanese Cherry Blossom Dancers
March 19: Japanese Flutist
March 26: Harpist

For a special experience reserve your Sakura Afternoon Tea during one of the Sakura Festival Events. Call now because seating is limited.

Update: Congratulations to the winners: Dilara Litonjua and Henry Jue! Enjoy your Sakura Afternoon Tea Services.

Enter to win a complimentary Sakura Afternoon Tea Service for two at The Urban Tea Merchant

There are 3 ways to enter so use them all to increase your chances.

1) Comment below and tell us your favourite tea.

2) Enter through Twitter:

  • Follow @VanFoodTour and @Urban_Tea for updates
  • Tweet: Win 2 Sakura Afternoon Teas @Urban_Tea from @VanFoodTour

3) Enter through Facebook:

Prize: 1 of 2 Complimentary Sakura Afternoon Tea Service for two from March 26th – April 2nd

Deadline to enter: March 25th (Friday) at noon. The winner will be drawn at random and contacted on the same day.

Best of luck!


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  1. Doreen Yeo

    Hello! My favourite tea is mint tea because it’s relaxing but rejuvenating enough to pep me up!

  2. Linda

    my favorite tea is still the english breakfast – i love it with milk and a little bit of sugar :)

  3. Nicole

    Tribute by Urban Tea is my favourite blend! Best mix of chocolate and marzipan. Mmmm <3

  4. Dawn Schultz

    I love tea period! Oolong, Mint, and everything else from the Urban Tea Merchant….

  5. Tooth Fairy

    I enjoy Earl Grey tea daily, since I am not a coffee drinker…but I also enjoy peppermint and lemon and berry ZINGERS!

  6. Natawon

    My favourite is Thai Ice Tea with honey and a touch of carnation evaporated milk over ice! Yummy

  7. tim

    fav tea is green tea!

  8. A.J.

    I love earl grey teas. Smokey ones from europe, infused ones, in london fog. Its great stuff!

  9. Brenda

    Earl grey is my favourite for sure.

  10. Stephanie

    Jasmine pearls! Love how delicate it tastes!

  11. Shawna

    My favourite is Chai tea!!!

  12. Kira

    My favourite tea is Black tea with Apple pieces from Harrods (no longer produced) because my next door neighbour used to have me over for tea when I was younger. I used the last of it this past week!

  13. Dennis L.

    My favorite is the Peche Mignon! It was love at first scent.

  14. Jessica Roberts-Farina

    Now, this is a challenge. My favourite tea is Sencha Green Tea. I just had a wonderful cup at Boulevard at UBC! Jasmine Green Tea and Cream Earl Grey are close seconds!

  15. Dilara

    I absolutely love the Bhagalpur at the Urban Tea Merchant – it’s my favorite tea!

  16. Kimberly

    I love genmaicha while my bf prefers mint tea.

  17. Jen

    I love peppermint tea!

  18. Tracy

    my fave tea is chamomile

  19. Jen

    I LOVE jasmine tea – the purer the better.

  20. drea

    My favorite is cream earl grey tea! :)

  21. ruby

    my fave tea is mixing green tea with a strawberry/lemon herbal infusion.

  22. maryanne

    1. matcha. so good in a rich frothy traditional tea, in a latte, desserts, cremes, boba tea…
    2. creamy maple black tea. natural sweetness; comfort in a cup.

  23. Kristen

    Right now I’m a Moroccan peppermint tea kind of gal. But I’m also very partial to white floral teas. And real Indian-style chai. I could go on…. :)

  24. kathleen mazzocco

    I love the smokiness and otherworldly aroma of Lapsang Souchong!

  25. Kathrin

    I love your So Long, Oolong tea, yum yum!!! But it’s not just yum it also helps loosing weight! :-)

  26. Karin Femi

    @ArtsySportsy I loooove Pu-erh tea and the Thé-O d’Or teas.

  27. dee de los santos

    i definitely love jasmine and chrysanthemum (sp??) tea! or anything with chocolate gets my thumbs up.

  28. Crispy Lechon

    My favorite tea is chrysanthemum tea.

  29. Ling

    My favorite tea has to be jasmine green tea =) Hmmmhm floral

  30. Vikki

    i <3 tea :) favourite would be earl grey (any kind!) with a spot of milk. and finger sandwiches and sweets to go with it. ;)

  31. Renn

    I love berries-infused in green or black tea!

  32. Kathryn

    I love chais infused with almost anything :)

  33. Shelaine

    Green tea… good for you AND tastes good too. Genmaicha, if we want to be specific.

  34. Britta

    My current faves are Scottish Breakfast from Granville island tea and Earl Grey, a lifelong love. Thanks for the contest!

  35. Cecilia

    It’ll have to be any kind of rooibos with hints of fruit. Mmm…

  36. Terra

    My favourite tea I’ve had recently was this jasmine green that was beautifully perfumed from Urban Tea, although I can’t remember any of the specifics. All I know is it was delicious and it was suggested to me for making infused vodka.. yum!

  37. Billie Murphy

    English breakfast. Sipping it right now!

  38. Phyllis

    Favorite is matcha followed by Vanilla Rooibos.

  39. Jenna Watson

    I love Earl Grey :)

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