Things to eat in Vancouver: New Seasonal Truffles now In Store at CocoaNymph

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Chocolate lovers rejoice! CocoaNymph, a popular artisanal chocolatiere in the heart of Vancouver, has created stunning Summer flavours to tease your tastebuds. Be sure to pick up these seasonal, limited time treats on your visit to Vancouver. After all, even our famed BC produce tastes better when covered in chocolate.

From CocoaNymph:

Rachel Sawatzky from CocoaNymph has been out at the blueberry patch and on the hunt at Vancouver’s farmers’ markets for local ingredients to use in her tasty truffles. Now, Ruby (rhubarb), Trina (strawberry), Jennifer (blueberry), and Cuckoo (sorrel) are in store!

CocoaNymph's new summer truffles - Vancouver Food Tour News

Ruby is made from a rhubarb champagne ganache, a smooth yet sweet bubbly filling, covered with a rich milk chocolate shell. Try it with CocoaNymph’s Housemade Hibiscus Soda.

Trina is a layered masterpiece, made with a white cream cheese ganache, topped with a strawberry milk chocolate ganache, before being covered in a delicious dark chocolate shell. It pairs perfectly with CocoaNymph’s Housemade Strawberry Sencha Soda.

CocoaNymph's new summer truffles - Vancouver Food Tour News

Try Jennifer, a blueberry number combined with a balsamic vinegar reduction and covered with a deep dark chocolate shell. It pairs beautifully with the Iced White Drinking Chocolate beverage and together they make the perfect summer dessert!

We are going cuckoo for cocoa with the unique blend of the Cuckoo truffle, made with a rich dark chocolate shell covering a savory local sorrel jelly ganache. Foodies will love this paired with CocoaNymph’s Elderflower Soda.

Find these seasonal truffles for $1.95 each at CocoaNymph Chocolates & Confections, located at 3739 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

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