EpiCurious Gala Celebrates Vancouver’s Culinary Entrepreneurs

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Vancouver Food Tour was a proud contributor to the success of the Forum For Women Entrepreneurs Gala. The gala raised over $350,000, including $100,000 in Fund-A-Need, which will go towards E-Series grants.

We donated one West Coast Foodie Adventure worth over $3500!

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

Key Highlights from the Evening

  • The announcement of FWE becoming charitable, and raising $100,000 in E-Series Grants to support 40 women entrepreneurs from across Canada
  • Bev Briscoe (FWE Mentor recipient) giving her remarks & encouraging the leaders in the room to give back as a Mentor
  • Chef Hawksworth revealing the name of his new restaurant- Nightingale

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

Key Attendees:

  • Charles Chang (sold VEGA for $550M)
  • Thomas Haas
  • The entire Board of Goldcorp
  • Jennifer Wong (President & CEO of Aritzia)
  • Alana Aquilini (Francesco’s daughter)

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

Top Auction Item: 

  • Dinner at Frank Giustra’s house, cooked by Chef Hawksworth, desserts by Thomas Haas. Wines from Mark Anthony Group.
  • Sold twice for $17K

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