Vancouver’s Best Food Blogs: Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town

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While we consider our food tour a great way to explore Vancouver’s restaurant scene, there are plenty of food lovers, experts, and enthusiasts among us. Every Friday, we will feature one of Vancouver’s best food bloggers that has notable taste in food, drink, and culture.

Today’s feature: Sean of Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town

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Sean preparing to chow down

In their own words: I write for Food Network Canada’s Eat Street blog and I’m also the regional face of Food Bloggers of Canada for BC.  Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town is my space to write about my love affair with Vancouver’s food scene.  I think what makes me stand out is my focus on photography and my involvement in the Vancouver food cart/truck scene.  I’ll often take the time to get to know the owners and write about their stories in my posts, which is a little different from many food blogs out there!

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5 Questions for Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town:


If you could encapsulate Vancouver in 1 restaurant dish, what would it be?

Vikram Vij’s BC Halibut coconut masala curry which features what BC is famous for-sustainable, great seafood and something Vikram does great – fusion.


What BC food or drink product can you not live without?

1 food or drink product I can’t live without is local craft beer, we have some of the best breweries in the world right in our own backyard. I’m a huge fan of Parallel 49 out of East Vancouver, I had a great coffee infused stout on my Craft Beer Tour with Vancouver Food Tour that really opened my eyes to just how creative Vancouver Craft breweries are.


If you could change 1 thing about Vancouver’s food scene, what would it be?

If I could change 1 thing about the Vancouver food scene it has nothing to do with the actual restaurants or food but the rents landlords charge for space, as we’ve all seen recently it makes it impossible for great restaurants to make a go of it.

For example, see how Dale Mackay had to close.  His situation wasn’t based solely on rents but just in general I think charging Toronto and New York style rent for space here in Vancouver is not good for business and I also think that food costs could get lower if businesses weren’t forced to pay out 50% or more just for space.


If you had $5 in your pocket, where would you grab lunch in Vancouver?

If I had $5 in my pocket for lunch I think I would have to go to one of out great foodcarts like Le Tigre Cuisine for a Pork Belly Steamed Bun.


What would be your last meal on earth before a zombie apocalypse?

My last meal on earth before the zombie apocalypse would have to be right here in Vancouver at Tojo‘s for the Omakase at the sushi bar but Anthony Bourdain would have to be dining with me! I chose Tojo’s because it’s a once in a lifetime experience for most people including myself. The omakase experience at Tojo’s would cause me to compare it to everywhere else after that I think so living would be sheer torture.

But all joking aside what makes it so special is the care and attention he puts into his food, puts it on the same level as having Morimoto or Nobu make dinner for you.


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Maren Walker works in Communications and Relations for Vancouver Food Tour. Originally from California, living in Vancouver, BC via Texas. Lover of culinary adventures, food trucks, craft beer, travel, hiking and design.

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