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While we consider our food tour a great way to explore Vancouver’s restaurant scene, there are plenty of food lovers, experts, and enthusiasts among us. Every Friday, we will feature one of Vancouver’s best food bloggers that has notable taste in food, drink, and culture.


Today’s feature: Noshwell

Vancouver's Best Food Blogs: Noshwell by Vancouver Food Tour | Taste Vancouver BC's Best Restaurants on Guided Walking Culinary Tours

Noshwell getting cozy, likely in a food coma daze

In their own words: Noshwell started as a way to chronicle restaurants we’ve visited and share our favourite spots with friends and family. Although our audience has expanded over the years, the principle hasn’t changed — our opinions are shaped by the food, service, atmosphere and price. We write what we feel and attempt to capture our dining experience as faithfully as possible. Nothing more. Nothing less. You’ll occasionally find the writing schizophrenic because Noshwell is co-written by two voices (tre & case) which we don’t necessarily distinguish in posts.

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5 Questions for Tre & Case:

If you could encapsulate Vancouver in 1 restaurant dish, what would it be?

Chicken pineapple fried rice from Hon’s in Chinatown. It’s so tasty. And it’s about as Chinese as Wayne Gretzky. Or maybe smoked salmon benedict.


What BC food or drink product can you not live without?

Seafood. Particularly salmon, spot prawns and mussels.


If you could change 1 thing about Vancouver’s food scene, what would it be?

Lineups. Less discount sushi joints.  (Editor: That’s 2 things, Noshwell.  I’ll let it slide this once.)


If you had $5 in your pocket, where would you grab lunch in Vancouver?

Banh Mi from Le Do. Or we’d scrape together some extra change and grab a burger from Save on Meats. If we make it all the way out to Richmond — wonton noodles from Wah Yuen at the Yaohan food court.


What would be your last meal before a zombie apocalypse?

Something extra spicy.



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