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While we consider our food tour a great way to explore Vancouver’s restaurant scene, there are plenty of food lovers, experts, and enthusiasts among us. Every Friday, we will feature one of Vancouver’s best food bloggers that has notable taste in food, drink, and culture.  Check out her answers to our interview below.


Meet Mijune of

Mijune is the creator behind the internationally recognized food blog, and one of the biggest food blogs in Vancouver, It is a daily food and restaurant blog detailing culinary adventures locally and abroad. The voice it carries is as serious about the food as it is entertaining. It’s known for its bold, detailed, informative, and honest approach with clearly stated disclosures that has never changed since day 1. It has become a trusted and valuable online source for locals, tourists, food enthusiasts and industry professionals. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Follow Friday | Vancouver Food Blogger: Mijune of Follow Me Foodie

Follow Friday | Vancouver Food Blogger: Mijune of Follow Me Foodie

5 questions for Mijune:

If you could encapsulate Vancouver in 1 restaurant dish, what would it be?

What I would like it to be would be different from what I think it is. At the current state I think it would be some gluten free, organic and sustainable peanut butter and jelly doughnut served in a jar alongside a craft beer pairing, BC local wine pairing and cocktail pairing… with a bacon bit rim and a pork belly garnish… and a California roll to start.

If it has to be an existing food I would say any dish featuring sustainable miso glazed salmon. Maple glazed salmon is classically Canadian enough already, but miso salmon is more specific to Vancouver and how it has evolved. As a Vancouverite it doesn’t sound that original, but to others it might. It doesn’t even show up on every single menu, but if you think about it, it does have “Vancouver” all over it. Vancouver has a loud voice when it comes to sustainability or sustainable seafood programs and its Asian influence and population are world renowned. Being on the West Coast we’re also lucky to get high quality local salmon and these are all things that are associated with the past and present day Vancouver. It’s also healthy which showcases the lifestyle most people have here.

What BC food or drink product can you not live without?

That’s a hard one, but if I’m bringing it down to the bare bones I’ll have to go back to our salmon. I rarely order salmon outside of BC.

If you could change 1 thing about Vancouver’s food scene, what would it be?

That it wouldn’t be 2 years behind. I could use less fake allergies and more adventurous eaters too, but you said one, so I’ll stop :)

If you had $5 in your pocket, where would you grab lunch in Vancouver?

Pho. I don’t even think that gets me a large though. I would settle for Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sub) and I can almost get 2 for $5!

What would be your last meal on Earth before a zombie apocalypse?

Durian. I would smell so bad the zombies wouldn’t want to eat me.
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Melody Fury is the founder of Vancouver Food Tour. She is an award winning entrepreneur and food writer that specializes in Vancouver restaurants and cocktails.

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