Things to do in Vancouver: 3 Reasons why Vancouver Food Tour Hosts the Best Stagettes and Bachelorettes

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Are you the maid of honour or bridesmaid for your girlfriend’s upcoming wedding in Vancouver? Let us guess, you’re responsible for planning the stagette or bachelorette party.

Let us give you 3 reasons why we host the most delicious, fun, adventurous, and in our opinion, the best bachelorettes for brides-to-be in BC.

Best thing to do for stagette or bachelorette party is Vancouver Food Tour

Reason 1: all inclusive bachelorette

Let us take care of everything and relieve you from any stress that planning a stagette can cause.  We organize the destinations, the food, and the beverage pairings with your guests in mind. We take pride in our flexibility and are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies.

Tell us your vision and your budget and we’ll work with you to make it come to life.  Since everything is included, your girls won’t be wondering how much they’ll be shelling out on your girls’ night out.

Reason 2: VIP party experience

From experience, the worst part of traveling as a group during a stagette is worrying about line ups and cover fees.  We take care of all of that.  On our culinary tours, our guests never have to wait in line, no matter how busy the establishment is.  Moreover, your group will be treated like VIPs at each stop, given that you behave as ladies should.  ahem.

Reason 3: we know that girls just want to have fun

With 3 newly wed-ladies on staff, we remember our stagettes vividly (ok, that’s a lie).  In the least, we understand that this is THE party before the bride gets hitched and we’re out to make it as memorable as possible.  We pay attention to the details and love to customize each party according to the party’s request and preferences.  This is what we wanted for our own bachelorette party, after all!

Best event to do for stagette and bachelorette Vancouver Food Tour

Contact us to book your  bachelorette party today.  Wedding season is upon us and our spots fill up quickly.

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